GECCO requires additional libraries that can be installed directly from PyPI, the Python Package Index. Contrary to other tools in the field (such as DeepBGC or AntiSMASH), it does not require any external binary.


GECCO is hosted on the EMBL Git server, but the easiest way to install it is to download the latest release from its PyPi repository. It will install all dependencies then install the gecco-tool package:

$ pip install gecco-tool


GECCO is also available as a recipe in the Bioconda channel. To install, simply use the conda installer:

$ conda install -c bioconda GECCO

Git + pip

If, for any reason, you prefer to download the library from the git repository, you can clone the repository and install the repository by running:

$ pip install

Keep in mind this will install the development version of the library, so not everything may work as expected compared to a stable versioned release.

GitHub + setuptools

If you do not have pip installed, you can do the following (after having properly installed all the dependencies):

$ git clone
$ cd GECCO
# python install